Education is a vital value to improving our community. Supporting education for everyone regardless of their background, their age, or their zipcode benefits everyone. Success in education means more jobs, better housing, and a better economy.


Universal Preschool

High Quality early education programs have been proven to improve learning outcomes among children. Early education can be the first step in breaking the cycle of poverty for children living in low income communities and provides significant benefits to children, as well as to their families and society as a whole.

Moreover, Universal prekindergarten programs have been shown to more than pay for themselves over time. If the ultimate aim of public policy is to promote the well-being of individuals, families, communities, and nations, then investment in early childhood education is a proven and effective strategy

Why is this important to me?

I’m proud to have been a part of team that worked to pass HB96 in 2014. I worked with non-profit groups, parents and legislators to build grassroots support for the Utah School Readiness Initiative that helped bring money for free preschool education for children from low income families across Salt Lake County.


  • Make high quality voluntary Pre-K program for Utah children age three to four at no cost for children from families with incomes less than 110 percent of poverty, and open to all families on a sliding scale fee basis.


Funding Per Pupil

School funding matters if we want the best educational outcomes for our children. Increases in educational funding will have a direct impact on whether or not our students will graduate high school and go on to attend college. For almost 30 years Utah has ranked last in the nation in funding-per-pupil. We have told our children that their success is not a priority and we can no longer stand by that sentiment. When we put education first, we put our community first.

Why is this important to me?

I went to public school here in Utah. I received a good education from hardworking teachers that did the best they could with the limited resources they had. I believe that we can’t keep short changing our kids and teachers if we want Utah to continue to have a healthy and thriving economy.


  • Support increased funding for Utah schools and teachers


College Completion

Access and completion to higher education improves our health, economy, and community. College completion is a necessity to meet the growing workforce demand. We need more measures that make the possibility of higher education a reality for Utahns who dream of creating a brighter future for themselves and their family.  College completion can only become real when we invest in making higher education access, affordable, and successful for everyone.

Why this is important to me?

As a college student I was fortunate to receive scholarships, qualify for federal student aid, and find part-time jobs that worked with my school schedule. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college, and I’m grateful for the opportunities my college education affords me in the job market. We must ensure that all students have access to post-secondary education especially for traditionally underserved students


  • Develop and implement a state-wide strategy for increasing access to dual enrollment programs for underrepresented students